NAAIS is a network for architects, engineers, planners and other professionals within related fields. The intention is to create a network for newly arrived persons including asylum seekers and established professionals. We want to contribute to a welcoming atmosphere within our branches – where you come from or where your degree is from shall not matter for having a good job in Sweden. 

Arkitektur Språkcafé – a language café with focus on the design, planning and management of the built environment - is at the core of our activities. The first session was held in February 2016. In January 2017, we initiated a new serie of creative activities in Stockholm. Read more about it under Open Office.

Until April 2017, we have arranged or taken part in over 40 public events in Stockholm, including Språkcafé, Open Office, seminars and more, becoming an important platform and voice for newcomers in these branches. 

In June 2016 the Stockholms Arkitekturförening awarded Arkitektur Språkcafé the prize Årets Guldrum (The Golden Room of the Year) for giving language tools and exchange of ideas, advice and training.

Welcome to join us on our events!



Newly Arrived Architects In Sweden