5 Tips when arranging a session

Every session is run by our own participants. Whenever you are responsible for a session this 5 steps are good to think about:


1. Give everyone a chance to practice Swedish

Give everyone good chance to practice Swedish within topics and terminology that are used in the planning, design and management of the built environment. We call it “Architecture Swedish”.

2. Inspiration

Before the exercise it can be nice to have some kind of inspiration talk or introduction that puts the exercise in a context. About 10-15 minutes. 

3. ”Architect Swedish” exercise

Should be 30-45 minutes (minimum) dedicated to practice Architecture Swedish in a focused way. 

The topic for the exercise should be about architecture, planning, urban development, building or alike. It could for example be about how it is to work with planning, design and management of the built environment (how to introduce yourself in a job interview, the different roles when working in a project or alike). Or it could be about things you need to know as an urban developer in Sweden (for example laws and regulations, the planning process, technical terms etc.). It could also be about anything that makes people talk about architecture, urban planning etc. in Swedish (for example discuss a specific project somewhere in the world, talk about different styles of architecture or planning ideals, what does your favourite public space look like etc.)

It usually works well to do Architect Swedish exercise in a small group (3-4 persons) since this means more time for everyone to practice their spoken Swedish - compared within a large group.


4. Fika

Fika! Is appreciated since people get the chance to mingle around, exchange contacts, ideas and knowledge. About 20-30 minutes. 

5. Sum up

It can be nice to have a collective sum up in Swedish where someone from each group shares what the group have been talking about. About 10-20 minutes.